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CMP is a hub for handling concrete panels and it is currently operating flat out. By mid-January 8,000 tonnes will have been unloaded in Malmö. The fact that CMP has become a hub is down to the port’s strategic location in an expansive region – but also to the top class service with minimal damage to goods.

Deliveries of the concrete panels that CMP is currently handling in Malmö started in September. It involves roof and floor panels for two multi-storey car parks that are currently under construction in Malmö and Lund.

“By mid-January CMP will have handled a total of 8,000 tonnes. We have been collaborating with the customer, UPB, for a number of years now, and have implemented several projects together,” reports Björn Sandgren, Terminal Manager at CMP.

UPB is both designer and supplier. Their concrete panels arrive at CMP by boat from the Baltic States, which is also where manufacturing takes place. UPB has become a recurrent customer due to the service the company receives, among other reasons.

“Some of the concrete panels are 12 metres long and, as they are fragile, handling must be performed carefully. We have the technology and the experience and the customer knows this as we never damage the freight,” Björn explains. ”And this is important as damaged concrete panels can otherwise mean that the construction project is delayed.”

UPB unloads new concrete panels at CMP about once a month. The panels are stored in the port and delivered onward to the construction sites in Malmö and Lund by lorry on an ongoing basis. Besides UPB, CMP also collaborates with other companies that deliver concrete panels via Malmö.

“In recent years it has involved about 8 – 10 projects. It is the port’s location in an expansive region that contributes to the fact that we are attracting this type of customer,” Björn Sandgren observes.

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