Container terminal in Copenhagen offers new APP solution

CMP is taking the container terminal in Copenhagen one step further in work to rationalise our processes and is therefore now offering a Mobile Self Service function for hauliers to use. This is taking place in a partnership with PIC IT, who are already our suppliers of the Terminal Operations System (TOS) PIC.

 With the implementation of this new APP solution, CMP aims to contribute to making flows of goods to and from the terminal easy and attractive. With this APP solution, we are securing a better facility for the sharing of information for the benefit of customers and business partners.

 “CMP works continuously to create systems and processes that provide value for the whole logistics chain. We believe that this increased sharing of information will be able to help create an even better flow of containers into and out of the container terminal in Copenhagen, for the benefit of customers, business partners, our local communities and the whole Zealand region,” says Jacob Fogh, Terminal Manager, Copenhagen Malmö Port.

 As a supplement to our existing Self Service Kiosks, it will soon be possible to use a mobile app solution. The APP will be used to order inbound and outbound deliveries of containers at the terminal. This will mean that drivers can check their booking even before they arrive at the port, and also create their order for both inbound and outbound deliveries.

 “We at CMP are really pleased to be able to offer this new mobile app solution to hauliers. We believe that this can help to simplify and streamline the processes for those who use the container terminal in Copenhagen. For the individual driver, it will make the operating process at the terminal easier and ensure an even better flow, as well as making sure that the haulier can become aware of booking errors earlier in the process, so that these errors are corrected before arrival at the port,” concludes Jacob Fogh.

 As a starting point, the APP will work like the existing Self Service Kiosks, but with mobile operation instead.

The APP is an offer to hauliers. They can, however, still choose to use the existing Self Service Kiosk at the terminal.

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