Heavy lift Sea Plow

CMP have handled the first call of supply ships in collaboration with J.D. Contractors. This was handled as ship-to-ship operation. Among the lifts was a heavy lift of a sea plow with a weight of 43 tons.

The plow is used to plunge the seabed when laying cables on the seabed. This is carried out as part of the project with the construction of Kriegers Flak wind farm. CMP sub supplier on several parts of the project, including supply ship handling. We are already supporting Energinet.dk in connection with handling of the cable drums for the power grid.

CMP's Crane capacity of 70 tonnes with an outreach up to 36 meters, offers a cheap alternative to the same solution by mobile cranes. It is possible to perform ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore operations by one gantry crane. Our goal is to deliver the same services up to 70 tonnes, with a saving for our customers on the mob / demo cost of the mobile cranes, as our crane is always ready for operation, says Henrik Poulsen.

 We support our cranes at our terminal with our fleet consisting of forklifts from 28 tons and down to 3.5 tons as well as straddle carriers and tugmasters. Our logistics terminal is located next to our container terminal. This enables us to handle the customer's cargo directly between container ships and, for example, supply ships, Henrik continues.

With a logistics terminal of 80,000 m2 in Copenhagen, we have the ability to store and accommodate customer projects and support these with our machinery. For larger projects, we have the opportunity to increase our terminal handling capacity to up to 80 tons.

 CMP are also handling projects that do not involve vessel operations. A good example of this is handling of the four tunnel boring machines from the Metro Cityrings project, for storage at the logistics terminal.

 CMP are also offering  handling of cargo that exceeds 70 tonnes in cooperation with our mobile crane supplier. Our quays are designed to support the mobilization of heavy mobile cranes, which makes it possible, as the only place in Copenhagen, to handle the heaviest lift over the quayside.

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