All time high for the 2017 cruising season

This year's cruising season commences April 15 with Aidacara calling to the port and offering several new records. The number of ports of call is up too. In addition, CMP is taking on a much greater number of cruise passengers then previously.

For the opening month of April a further eight port calls will be made. CMP will receive a total of 323 calls for the season, and 151 of these will be turnarounds. This is an increase on last year when the number of calls was 311. In general there will be a record for 2017 and an 'all time high' in terms of number of passengers, amounting to some 850,000.

– That's 15 percent more than last year. This is very gratifying and we look forward to receiving many calls, says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise & Ferries within CMP.

Overall, the CMP will receive 72 different ships –eight of which are brand new– from 35 different lines during the season. At the same time, the number of large ships that carrying more than 4000 passengers will increase.

– During 2017, we'll take 55 such calls on. This is a multiplying of the previous year's figure, says Arnt Møller Pedersen.

The most intense days of cruising this year will be partly June 3rd, when CMP welcomes 22,000 guests from four large vessels, and August 12th, when six ships will be calling to this port with 22,000 passengers. The regular season begins then in the middle of April and ends on October 22nd. In addition, CMP has four cruises planned during the Christmas holidays.

Arnt Møller Pedersen also says that the CMP, Cruise Copenhagen Network and the City of Copenhagen is investing four million Danish kroner in a four-year project to improve tourist information on the cruise quays Langelinie and Oceankaj. As a result of this, more tourist information officers will be in place on the quays for each cruse call. An information kiosk will also be constructed on the Oceankaj.

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