The indispensable partner behind a successful arrival

CMP focuses on some of its collaborative partners, which are the reason that, time after time, the port is able to pick up awards and recognition as the best cruise port and destination. One of them is DMC, which is responsible for the indispensable logistics for a large proportion of the arrivals in Copenhagen

Every time a cruise liner arrives for a transit visit or turnaround there are hundreds of details that have to be managed, and agreements which have to be adhered to, if the visit to the destination is to be a success. It is the incoming agency’s role, and in Copenhagen this includes DMC, to ensure that things proceed as planned.

DMC has been involved for 30 years, from when the growth in cruises began in the Baltic and Scandinavia to the present day when it is a billion kronor business with numerous interests which have to be coordinated. And not least requirements which have to be anticipated and fulfilled.

Over 130 arrivals per year
“We work with all logistics in connection with the visit – meet & greet, guides, buses, excursions, and we have contact with the venues the visitors will experience while they are here”, says Lene Gaard, Director of Operations Cruises at DMC.

“DMC has between 90 and 100 arrivals a year in Copenhagen and over 130 if we include the arrivals in other Danish ports. In one season we have to handle around 400,000 passengers.

Copenhagen is a popular turnaround port, and when a ship has to change passengers there is even more work for DMC’s staff, who are nicely turned out in black.

“So we are busy, we typically have over 100 people working – in the port, hospitality desks at hotels and in the airport. We arrange transfers between ships and airport, or to a hotel if the visitors are going to have an overnight stay before travelling home. We take them on sightseeing tours if they have enough time before their flight departure, and ensure that their luggage is taken to the airport. 

Kayaks and segways are popular
When the cruise visitors arrive they have already ordered their excursions, and the classic city tour is popular.

“We are ambitious on our guests’ behalf! So we will gladly take them backstage at the Opera, or to The Blue Planet aquarium. However, most of them haven’t been to Copenhagen before, and therefore opt for a standard sightseeing tour, where they see The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg and that sort of thing.

But there is a trend in that the cruise visitors are constantly getting younger: They are increasingly demanding activities like a trip in a kayak, or a bicycle or a segway. So we provide that as well”, Lene Gaard says.

DMC collaborates with Seabourn, Holland America Line, Saga, Fred. Olsen Cruise, Crystal, Peace Boat, Viking, Ponant, Disney, Windstar, Princess. DMC is the largest cruise operator in Denmark, and also operates cruise handling in Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Chile. DMC also offers destination management and arranges conferences, events and teambuilding.

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