Press Releases 2014

Region Gotland and Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) today formally signed an agreement with the aim of making Gotland a principal new attraction for the Baltic's cruise tourists. Preparations to extend the port are fully underway, including the marine archaeological survey.
“We are getting quite used to awards at CMP,” says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO at Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP). “But the one we have just received has nothing to do with service. It is for functionality and expression.”
CMP is investing in a new type of shuttle service between Malmö and Copenhagen. Daily barge traffic between the cities will simplify transportation of containers and other freight. The short cut over the strait will be flexible and cost-effective for freight customers, however it will also deliver environmental benefits.
During his first visit to Skåne since the Government took office, the Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Mikael Damberg, met the management of Copenhagen Malmö Port AB (CMP) on Monday.
Copenhagen is first to introduce problem-free check in before the passengers leave the cruise liner. The system will be extended to more shipping lines and more ships in the 2015 season.
Copenhagen Malmö Port selected as ”Cruise Port of the Year 2014” at the Seatrade conference in Barcelona
CMP’s car handling operation has been rewarded once again for its quality. It is the third year in succession that the Japanese shipping company NYK Line has given its Quality Award to the car handling operation in Malmö. The background is that CMP has had zero damages in its handling during 2013/2014. This puts it in pole position among Europe’s car ports.
Efforts to develop the city’s harbour areas and a high standard of tourist attractions win international attention for Copenhagen at the Bon Voyage Awards 2014.
From 16 June, the goods train company Green Cargo will operate a daily service right out to Northern Harbour in Malmö.
On Saturday this year's cruise season in Malmö kicks off with the arrival of the cruise ship Empress to the city. Last year's 31 000 cruise passengers gave a clear upswing to Malmö's tourist industry, figures that are expected to increase further this year.
Level crossing gates at previously unguarded level crossings shall reduce the waiting time for transports to and from Norra Hamnen. This measure is of great importance for CMP's development in the area.
In order to further rationalise and make more efficient handling of rail goods, CMP today has entered into a collaboration agreement with Katrineholm Rail Point AB (KRP).
Having previously used several different ports for its distribution of vehicles in Sweden, Ford is now going down to two, one of which is Copenhagen Malmö Port.
The goods volumes in Malmö and Copenhagen continued to increase during 2013, despite an expectant market.
Through a collaboration between Region Gotland and Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP), Gotland is to become a strategic goal for the growing cruise tourism traffic in the Baltic. A new quay for cruise ships is an important necessity.

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