CMP to issue VGM certificates in Copenhagen from July 1 2016

Last updated 7/1/2016 10:52 AM
In order to provide effective handling and good service at the port in connection with SOLAS introducing changes to VGM requirements, as from July 1 2016 CMP will be offering a facility to issue VGM (Verified Gross Mass) certificates in Copenhagen.

This offer applies for filled export containers arriving at the container terminal in Copenhagen, and the service is aimed at those who ship containers. After gate-in you are able to buy information about the verified weight on CMP’s website.

According to the Danish Maritime Authority (, it is the shipper’s responsibility to inform the shipping company of the container’s verified weight before it can be loaded on board.

If you choose to have the weight verified at the terminal, weighing is performed within the tolerance limits specified on the Danish Maritime Authority’s website. You as the shipper must then forward the VGM certificate to the shipping company. If a container does not have a VGM certificate, it cannot be loaded on board the ship. Nor may it be loaded if the VGM certificate does not correspond with the target weight within specified tolerance limits.

- “As a terminal operator, CMP is an active business partner of shipping companies, and we want to contribute to the new rules being implemented and observed. We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers this service, and we’re convinced that the handling of containers at Copenhagen will continue to run smoothly and without delays,” says Jacob Fogh, Terminal Manager at Copenhagen Malmö Port in Copenhagen.

The price of the service provided is:
A VGM certificate for a container costs DKK 275.

VGM handling involves new data development requirements between the terminal and the shipping companies for all filled export containers. A VGM charge of DKK 12 will therefore be levied for filled export containers as from 1 September.

If you have any questions about VGM in connection with shipments via the container terminal in Copenhagen, you are welcome to contact Project Manager Jesper Ejlerskov tel. + 45 3546 1303 or email:, alt. Terminal Manager Jacob Fogh tel. + 45 3546 1307 or email:

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