New environmental objectives in place

Last updated 6/30/2016 3:36 PM
CMP has adopted new, overarching environmental objectives. New elements include the company taking responsibility for more environmental parameters than before, but also that climate change will be on the environmental agenda.

The new environmental objectives were definitively ratified in early June, thus setting the course for our environmental work in coming years. Seven areas are central – energy, air, water, land, materials flow/waste, climate adaption and noise.

”You could say that the new objectives broaden the remit of CMP’s environmental management. We are now formulating clear objectives in further areas. This is in itself an environmental gain as it means we are taking responsibility for even more environmental parameters”, says Johan Röstin, CEO of CMP.

All departments are contributing
It is the long-term environmental objectives that CMP has now established, in other words, the objectives that address what the company as a whole has to achieve. As a next step, each department will produce its own objectives and concrete plans of action, which will be ready during the autumn.

”The short-term objectives will then apply for one year at a time. They will be followed up on a continuous basis to ensure that both long-term and short-term initiatives are in line with each other”, reports Petra König, Environmental Director within CMP.

A new element is that CMP is also setting objectives linked to climate change. This is in order to obtain a clear picture of how operations can be expected to be affected by these changes, e.g. which risk situations are most critical and likely.

“Climate change can also affect new construction and investments, where terminals and other facilities have to be equipped to cope with tougher requirements than previously”, Petra König observes.

Overall platform
The practical work on objectives and action plans is managed via M/S Progress, CMP’s overall development and improvement tool. It has been used for several years by all departments that set their own targets, which are measured and followed up, for example, in relation to customers, sales and leadership.

”The environmental objectives were not previously included in M/S Progress, but that is now going to change”, Petra König says. “It delivers benefits in that we are bringing all our change management together in one place. At the same time, this enables more employees to feel they are part of and contributing to the improvements”.

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