How are we going to establish equal conditions in the transport market?

Last updated 7/1/2016 1:08 PM
During Almedalen week, politicians, the business world, municipalities and the media gather for a few intensive days in Visby on Gotland. CMP is arranging two seminars plus a joint get-together with Region Gotland.

One of the seminars focuses on the fact that actors in the transport market must be able to compete and operate under the same conditions. This is not currently the case. Unfortunately, the administrative work for shipping is considerably more cumbersome than road transport, for example.

“Shipping that goes between two ports, for example within the EU, requires extensive and complicated administrative procedures which involve more intermediaries. This in itself creates an unnecessary work load, inefficiency and productivity losses”, says Johan Röstin, CEO of Copenhagen Malmö Port AB.

The seminar will be led by Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson, author and journalist. Besides Johan Röstin, CEO of CMP, the panel will include Maria Ågren, Director General of the Swedish Transport Agency, Jan Kilström, CEO Green Cargo, Peter Hesslin, CEO DHL Freight Nordic & UK, Håkan Nilsson, CEO, Bring Frigo, Boriana Åberg, member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport and Communications, and Rikard Larsson, deputy member of the same Committee.

CMP’s seminar takes place on Tuesday 5 July at 12.00-10.15 in Öresundshuset, Hästgatan 1, Visby.

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