CMP highlights sustainability at global event in Copenhagen

CMP is participating in the sustainability event, C40 Mayor Summit, which is visiting Copenhagen in October. CMP will be offering a debate on ”Sustainable Cruise Tourism”, but will also be arranging a multimedia exhibition on the port’s importance in a dynamic and growing city.

The global sustainability network, C40, arranges the C40 Mayor Summit every three years, and this year it is being held in Copenhagen from 9 to 12 October. Politicians, climate experts, opinion formers, industry personalities and other stakeholders will then meet to discuss sustainability issues.

Sustainable cruises
C40 Mayor Summit also provides opportunities for CMP, which will hold a panel debate on ”Sustainable Cruise Tourism” on 10 October hosted by CMP’s CEO Barbara Scheel Agersnap.

”A central question is the establishment of shore power at the cruise terminals in order to reduce emissions from the ships. Participants in the panel debate are the Danish Minister for the Environment, Lea Wermelin and Copenhagen’s mayor Frank Jensen, as well as the mayors from Oslo and Helsinki,” reports Alexander Funch Adamsen, who is CMP’s project manager for C40.

”Joint discussions are important as the aim is for the new shore power plants to be based on joint Nordic solutions,” he continues.

Port and city in collaboration
The theme for C40 Mayor Summit is ”The future we want” and the programme includes seminars and lectures for invited guests. A Host City Festival is being held simultaneously with events for the general public. The festival theme is also focused on the future with the encouragement to ”Live Like Tomorrow”.

Besides the panel debate, CMP is arranging an outdoor exhibition in the heart of Copenhagen. It is a 3D-installation with pictures, films and graphics, called ”Port like Yesterday, Port like Today, Port like Tomorrow”. The port’s importance in a dynamic and growing city is captured in three time perspectives.

”The port and the city have been linked for hundreds of years as a meeting place for both goods and people. This is important to highlight, particularly at a time when the port area in Copenhagen is undergoing major changes and the sustainability issues are more important than ever,” observes Ulrika Prytz Rugfelt, PR & Corporate Communications Manager in CMP.

The C40 Sustainability Network was established in 2005. Today 90 major cities are part of the network, where one of the goals is to achieve the sustainability objectives in the Paris agreement from 2015. Via its members, C40 represents over 650 milion inhabitants. The member cities account for a quarter of the global economy.

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CMP is participating in the sustainability event, C40 Mayor Summit, which is visiting Copenhagen in October
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