CMP at Logistics and Transport 2018

CMP will be participating in the ”Logistics & Transport” trade fair in Gothenburg this year too. The focus will be on marketing Malmö Industrial Park. Skanska, Catena and Malmö City will also be on site at the shared stand.

”Our principal message is that Malmö Industrial Park is a fantastic logistics location. Obviously, we will also be taking the opportunity to present CMP’s operations,” says Ann-Charlotte Halldén Åkeson, Key Account Manager, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB.

”This is the third year in succession that we will be participating as an exhibitor at Logistics & Transport. Over time it has developed into a really first-class trade fair, with the participation of increasing numbers of ports and other key actors”, he continues.

The trade fair is taking place on 5 – 7 November and is focused on debate, development and dissemination of what are called ”state of the art solutions” for Nordic and global flows of goods.

”For us it is also about making contacts and listening to what is happening in the industry through meetings and visits to the stand, as well as through the lectures and conferences that will be held during the fair,” Ann-Charlotte Halldén Åkeson concludes.

This year CMP, Skanska, Catena and Malmö will be located on stand A 03:02 at Logistics and Transport.

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29 November 2018
It will be completed by the end of 2021 – the futureproof, modern, sustainable and automated container terminal in Copenhagen. The terminal substantially strengthens CMP’s role as the leading actor within freight handling in the capital region and throughout Eastern Denmark.
30 October 2018
CMP will be participating in the ”Logistics & Transport” trade fair in Gothenburg this year too.
29 October 2018
The cruise season concluded in Visby on 18 October.
20 September 2018
About every other year CMP dredges the sea bed on the Swedish side to maintain accessibility for vessels in the port and the approaches.

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