CMP in Almedalen 2018

Almedalen Week is when politicians, businesses, municipalities and media all gather for a few intensive days in Visby on Gotland. This year CMP will be organising a seminar in Öresundshuset.

The seminar will be held on Tuesday 3 July from 13:30-14:15 in the Öresundshuset venue, focusing on how more freight can make the move from road to sea according to the following programme outline:

How can the full potential of shipping be realised?
Transporting freight by ship is efficient and climate-smart, but what is required to move more freight from road to sea? Shipping will become a competitive and sustainable element of the European transport system if important Swedish ports are prioritised in the development of modern infrastructure. At the same time, the conditions should be equal for all operators in the industry. Is it possible to simplify the administrative processes in shipping and can the capacity on important routes be developed to increase the potential of shipping? Industry operators need to collaborate and, in a dialogue with politicians, help to create a sustainable transport system.

Taking part on the panel are Katarina Norén, Director General of the Swedish Maritime Administration, Nina Ekelund, Executive Director of the Haga Initiative, Boriana Åberg (Moderate), member of the Transport Committee, Rikard Larsson (Social Democrat), member of the Transport Committee and Ulrika Prytz Rugfelt, PR & Corporate Communications Manager, Copenhagen Malmö Port.

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13 February 2019
As a port, it is of the utmost importance that we have knowledge of the condition of our quays as they are essential for running our operations. In the past few weeks, a diving team from MTE has dived all around our entire operations in Malmö to inspect the quays.
4 February 2019
In 2018, Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) took the initiative to draw up a report on the environmental impact of cruise ships on the immediate surroundings of Langelinie in Copenhagen.
1 February 2019
Freight handling in Northern Harbour has become more salty, at least temporarily.
17 January 2019
CMP is very likely to be affected by the lockouts announced by the Transport Workers’ Union today, since CMP in Malmö is one of the ports that has received strike alerts from the Dock Workers' Union.

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