Sunny cruise premiere in Malmö

In brilliant sunshine, CMP welcomed this year’s first cruise ship to Malmö. There will be a total of nine arrivals during the season, which will put Malmö on the cruise map again.

After a brief break, Malmö is back on the cruise map again. On May 6, CMP welcomed the cruise ship Zenith with some 1,600 passengers and a crew of almost 600. The Spanish shipping company Pullmantur was behind the cruise traffic, and it will be responsible for several more arrivals during the season.

”Malmö is a good complement to Copenhagen. We will be receiving nine ships during 2018 with a total of 13,000 passengers and 3,500 crew. It feels good that we are now broadening the cruise operation and that Malmö will once again be a turnaround port,” says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO, Cruise & Ferries, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB.

Being a turnaround port means that the passengers start or end their cruise in Malmö. These passengers consequently spend more time at their destination, which is positive for the city’s shops and for the tourism industry as a whole.

More arrivals
Malmö is currently aimed at small and medium-sized cruise ships. When the traffic started to increase a few years ago, CMP and Malmö City created a new cruise terminal in Frihamnen. The terminal is used for checking in and out as well as for tourist information. At the same time, new foot- and cycle paths were constructed, making it simple for the passengers to get between the terminal and the city centre.

”The last arrival of the year in Malmö will be at the end of September,” Arnt Møller Pedersen reports. “The cruise traffic from Pullmantur will then continue during 2019, with the number of arrivals increasing to 12”.

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In brilliant sunshine, CMP welcomed this year’s first cruise ship to Malmö.
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