WMU – the global shipping worlds own university

Global shipping has its own university in Malmö: the World Maritime University (WMU), which has educated thousands of students over the years. CMP supports WMU’s activities in various ways.

It was in 1983 that the World Maritime University (WMU) was established, putting Malmö on the global maritime map. The aim of the education is to contribute to safer, more secure and more effective shipping in clean seas.

”When the WMU was set up, the aim was to ensure access to qualified, well-educated experts within shipping, primarily from the developing countries, including from Africa, Asia and Latin America,” relates Professor Daniel Seong-Hyeok Moon, a former Master Mariner,  Associate Academic Dean and Heads of Port Management (PM) and Shipping Management & Logistics (SML) within WMU.

”Since starting, we have educated some 4,700 students from 167 countries.”

Nowadays over one hundred students are educated every year. They can choose between seven programmes. CMP has been supporting the academic activities for many years, primarily through a tailored programme of seminars, extending over five days.

2018’s programme was completed in mid-March. Ten or so of CMP’s employees lectured on different subjects, including environmental issues, RoRo operations, wet- and dry bulk, as well as Container Terminal Management.

”The collaboration between WMU and CMP is a good example of how universities and businesses can derive benefit from each other,” Professor Moon rounds off. “We are grateful that managers and specialists from CMP regularly contribute their knowledge for our students.”

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30 June 2018
Almedalen Week is when politicians, businesses, municipalities and media all gather for a few intensive days in Visby on Gotland. This year CMP will be organising a seminar in Öresundshuset.
22 June 2018
CMP and Region Gotland inaugurated the cruise together in Visby at the end of April.
14 June 2018
The cruise ship Queen Elizabeth arrived in Visby for the first time on June 14.
29 May 2018
CMP now offers bunkering of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

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