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Copenhagen will be in Christmas mood when this year’s cruises arrive at CMP in December
For the first time a round the world cruise will have its point of departure in CMP, when Cunard Lines’ Queen Victoria docks in Copenhagen to start its 125 day voyage around the world
With 150,000 TEUs passing through every year, CMP plays an important role in the supply chain of greater Copenhagen.
Shore power is considerably more environmentally friendly than having the cruise ships run their engines while in port. A new player in the field was presented at CMP as part of GreenPort Cruise, LNG Hybrid Barge, which provides a high level of mobility and low emissions.
A sugar hub and a pellet hub. Nothing is impossible for CMP. Brian Kristensen, COO for wet and dry bulk, as well as property, has lots of plans for development.
When Svetruck transports trucks they do it via CMP. During September trucks have been loaded in Malmö for onward transport to final destinations in Peru and Germany. This demonstrates yet again how strong CMP’s offering is within the high and heavy segment.
Increased cooperation is needed between ports and the cities which host them, said Olaf Merk, OECD, at GreenPort Congress in Copenhagen.
The politicians must recognise the ports as one of the keys to growth, said Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary General of ESPO, at the opening of GreenPort Congress 2015 in Copenhagen.
Royal Caribbean is focussing on environmental friendliness and information, and is building the greenest ship ever
The environment was on the agenda when GreenPort Cruise assembled port and cruise experts from throughout Europe in Copenhagen on 6 October
CMP is Scandinavia’s largest car port and it is now making further advances – through receiving the latest generation of car carrier. The gigantic Hawaiian Highway unloaded cars at CMP’s car terminal for the first time in early September.
The arrival of the Nordic Philip at CMP’s terminal represented a new record for the number of containers handled from a single ship
Three days that can change the environmental future of the European ports. That is what the CMP-management hopes for when the company hosts the tenth GreenPort Congress in Copenhagen.
Green Cargo’s new direct shuttle between Malmö and Stockholm is now in operation, linking CMP and Northern Harbour in an attractive new intermodal logistics service.
Within a couple of years CMP aim for doubling the capacity of handling bulk in Copenhagen. This is possible with the new Environmental Permit to developing the area of Prøvestenen. Several companies connected to the Building Industry now stand ready to move in.
It is with greatest sorrow when we heard of the explosions in containerterminal in Tianjin Port. We send our condolances to the people died and injoured at the explosion.
At the end of 2013, the EU decided to give priority to nine transport corridors in Europe, where it would concentrate its transport investments.
The cruise ship Hamburg will arrive in Malmö for the first time on August 11.
Twenty per cent – that’s how great the increase in ferry passengers on the route between Copenhagen and Oslo is so far in 2015.
”Repositioning cruises”, with CMP as point of departure, are good value for money
The cruise ship Magellan will arrive in Copenhagen for the first time on July 14.
The cruise ship Corinthian will arrive in Copenhagen for the first time on July 9.
Copenhagen attrracts more and more foreign cruise passengers. 700 000 visitors are expected this year. Many of them have travelled all the way from China, Australia and India.
During Almedalen week, politicians, the business world, municipalities and the media gather for a few intensive days in Visby on Gotland. CMP is arranging its own seminar this year too, this time with the focus on cruise operations and the role they play for growth in the Baltic region.
Spillepengen in Malmö is full of activity, the reconstruction that has been proceeding for a year must be completed by the end of the year. The objective is to increase accessibility to and from Northern Harbour.
At 274 metres long, 48 metres wide and with a DWT of 159,101 tonnes, Genmar Argus is the second largest tanker to dock at the oil pier thus far.
One of the cruise season’s premiere arrivals, the newly built Regal Princess, is fully engaged in its Baltic programme, with Copenhagen as its starting point.
The first cruise liner of the season will arrive in Malmö on 13 May.
This year’s cruise season is looking bright for Malmö. Fully 17 arrivals are planned, which represents some 40,000 cruises passengers. Both Åhléns and Formargruppen have consequently decided to open their shops earlier on certain days.
Early delivery from the Meyer Turku shipyard means that Mein Schiff 4 has time for two test cruise, both of which call at Copenhagen.
AIDAcara docked at Langelinie Quay on 10 April, marking the premier for CMP’s 2015 cruise season. It will be a long and busy season with a total of 302 cruise arrivals in Copenhagen and Malmö, ending with the final Christmas cruise on 23 December.
During 2014 Finnlines increased the freight volumes it carried on its RoRo services between Travemünde and Malmö. Overall the volumes rose by 10% compared with 2013.
In 2014 Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) increased its turnover by 7%. Its operating profit also improved, reaching SEK 89.5 million. The main reason for these increases was higher volumes in the fields of RoRo, Containers and Dry Bulk.
CMP News is now going to be entirely digital. From the start of 2015 the format and distribution will be changing in that CMP News is becoming an online magazine.
The Board of Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) has decided to appoint Barbara Scheel Agersnap to the position of Deputy CEO of the company. Barbara Scheel Agersnap comes from a position as Executive Director at Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai, China. She will take up her new position on 1 June 2015.
The 2015 season is imminent, and CMP’s cruise terminal is once again ready to receive the numerous ships and expectant passengers who will be starting their maritime holiday in Copenhagen, or visiting the city as a port-of-call en route.
The old container crane in Frihamnen was dismantled in the beginning of 2015, depriving the city of a landmark. The crane had previously been replaced by a more modern version in Northern Harbour where the brand new container terminal is now located.
The part of the port in Malmö that CMP uses solely for cars is 950,000 square metres in size. This is equivalent to an area as big as almost 200 football pitches!
CMP has moved the veterinary border control of animals, foodstuffs and other animal products, which is a part of CMP’s full-service concept
Three barges with wind turbine foundations docked at CMP en route for erection in the Baltic Sea
Containers are worked hard day in and day out, and have to accommodate many different types of freight.

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