News 2013

Mammen & Drescher A/S in Copenhagen’s Frihavn is an unusual forwarding agency which offers a number of specialities.
UF Teknik A/S operates a round-the-clock service collecting slop oil from ships that call into Copenhagen
When the 2013 cruise season ends, the number of calls will be 346 and the number of passengers just over 800,000. Copenhagen continues to be one of the most popular cruise destinations in Europe.
CMP can supply guaranteed clean drinking water for docked ships
On 14 October a record-breaking tanker arrived at the oil port in Malmö.
With the cruise season still in full flow, CMP can note that two milestones have been passed in 2013: it has received 6 million cruise passengers, and 3,500 cruise ships since 2001.
This weekend, October 12-13, CMP will be performing system maintenance.
For the second year in succession, CMP has been awarded the prestigious Certificate of Achievement for its work to ensure the quality of freight handling for car carriers.
The broadband operator Bredband2 has recently moved into the navy’s old premises below CMP’s head office in Freeport in Malmö.
One of Maersk Line’s new super container ships, ”Mærsk Majestic”, will be docking in Copenhagen during the period 23 -29 September.
CMP will be one of thousands of participants when Business Arena Stockholm takes place on the 18th and 19th of September 2013.
CMP’s increased depth of water is ensuring that large feeder ships continue to dock.
Just right for Kockum’s 120th anniversary next year, the ice-breaker S/S Bore and the lightship Malmö Redd are opening for the public.
Oiltanking Copenhagen A/S at Prøvestenen is now endeavouring to expand its business areas in CMP.
It will soon be a year since CMP became a member of SMGC, a network with the remit of getting companies to work more sustainably.
European ports don’t just collaborate in terms of trade and transport; once a year crews from 10-14 ports meet for the European Championships for port football teams.
14 arrivals in the last weekend in July means ”all hands on deck” at CMP’s cruise terminal .
DFDS is now investing 120 million kroner in upgrading its two Oslo ferries, Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways.
The cruise ship Birka will arrive in Copenhagen for the first time on July 13.
Dedicated work is delivering results for Oiltanking Copenhagen A/S at Prøvestenen, which has received an internal award for preventing accidents and expanding its H&S initiatives
16 arrivals in three days means pressure for CMP, with effective cooperation to provide the guests with a satisfactory experience again delivering results
The 12th June was a very special day for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. Three of the shipping company’s ships docked at CMP on the same day, and that has never happened before.
DFDS has set a new cargo record on its ships ”Crown Seaways” and ”Pearl Seaways, which provide the daily service between CMP and Oslo.
The cruise ship Carnival Legend will arrive in Copenhagen for the first time on June 23.
From May, CMP in Malmö will also be handling Mazda.
The cruise ship Adventure of the Seas will arrive in Copenhagen for the first time on June 16.
The cruise ship Azamara Quest will arrive in Copenhagen for the first time on June 14.
On 3 May the container terminal in Copenhagen loaded 1,000 pallets of barrels on board the ”Clipper Marlene”.
Import of new cars is a speciality in Malmö, but CMP also brings new cars ashore in Copenhagen when needed.
WMU - World Maritime University – is located just a stone's throw from the water in central Malmö. This year the University is 30 years old.
The cruise ship Ocean Dream will arrive in Copenhagen for the first time on May 10.
A new trailer workshop is established on Lodgatan just outside Frihamnen in Malmö.
The cruise ship AIDAmar will arrive in Copenhagen for the first time on May 10.
The cruise ship Norwegian Star will arrive in Copenhagen for the first time on May 7.
Traffic to and from CMP in Copenhagen is going to be moved northwards from the beginning May
The cruise ship MSC Musica will arrive in Copenhagen for the first time on April 27
Cruise operations will commence in Malmö in spring 2013. Traffic this year is expected to comprise 40,000 passengers and 7,000 crew.
One machine can now do the work of three.
Swede Harbour in Malmö is Western Sweden’s largest bulk port.
2013 has started positively for Malmö car port with numerous large loads during the first quarter.
Both of CMP’s ISO certificates have been renewed. The Det Norske Vertitas (DNV) company has conducted what is called a renewal audit of the ISO 14001:2004 quality management system and the ISO 9001:2008 environmental management system.
Nearly all indoor and outdoor spaces in CMP’s area in Malmö have now been let. CMP has about 43,000 square metres of lettable indoor space and a further 140,000 square metres of outdoor space.
In early March, the Japanese ship Euphony Ace called at Malmö car terminal. On board were 3,475 new cars for onward transport within Scandinavia and to Russia.
Purchases of new machinery at CMP are made in compliance with a policy that sets out requirements that all new equipment must live up to.
Ships totalling over 100 million GT docked at CMP during 2012.
One of CMP's container cranes in the container terminal
On 11-12 February CMP was visited by the largest ship ever to put into Malmö oil terminal.
One of the most important things on a cruise ship is to have clean water on board – and enough of it!
CMP will be performing system maintenance during the weekend.

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