News 2012

This year CMP will once again be receiving guests full of Christmas cheer when the Christmas cruise season begins at the end of November.
From 1 October CMP have a new customer in Södra Bulken in Malmö. That’s when Stefan Kristenssons Åkeri AB is starting its operations, with 4 or 5 employees working full-time in Bulken.
Copenhagen has been named ‘Europe’s Leading Cruise Port’ for the fifth time by unanimous industry decision. The award was presented at the World Travel Awards in Portugal.
Malmö Port has great potential to be further developed and to contribute in various ways to development in the region, in Sweden and in Europe.
Operations at CMP’s new bulk terminal at Prøvestenen are steadily expanding, and Dansk Natursten A/S has recently taken on part of the area.
The Öresund region's biggest and most secure open data centre is now being established on CMP's premises.
CMP has acquired two defibrillators ('heart starters') for the oil terminals at Malmö Port, and they are now to be found in the security guard's huts at two of the terminals' quays.
The Baltic Transport Journal has awarded CMP a prize for its investment in Malmö's North Port.
When the annual Swedish political event Almedalen Week took place in Visby on the island of Gotland during the first week of July Johan Röstin, CEO and Lennart Pettersson, Deputy CEO of CMP were there to represent the company and take part in discussions on current issues.
For the greater part of Sweden's annual political week in Visby on the island of Gotland, CMP will be on site to engage in issues and discussions relevant to industry and the region.
On Thursday Helsingborgs Hamn AB (HHAB), the company behind Port of Helsingborg, and Copenhagen Malmö Port AB (CMP AB) signed a letter of intent to investigate the scope for creating a joint port authority.
Malmö Northern Harbour Business Park was launched on the web at the end of March. This area is immediately adjacent to Malmö's North Port, and is to be one of the most attractive sites for new business establishments in northern Europe.
Den dag er der mulighed for at se København fra søsiden. Der er mulighed for at se områder som normalt er lukkede for offentligheden.
In March a new record was set for the number of cars handled in Malmö’s Frihamnen harbour. “A new all-time high of 53,613 cars,” says a beaming Björn Larsson, Terminal Manager at Frihamnen.
Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP), together with 16 business partners, participates in the world’s largest Cruise event “Cruise Shipping Miami”. The event is the 28th annual conference and exhibition.
Both Aalborg Portland and Cementa increased their deliveries to Copenhagen and Malmö harbours last year.
CMP has received a visit from Karin Gaardsted, a Social Democrat MP. As part of her programme for visiting the Danish commercial ports, she visited CMP's activities in both Copenhagen and Malmö.
Infrastructure needs maintaining, and CMP’s docks need dredging regularly to maintain the required depths.
Another strong Japanese brand has become customer at CMP. Subaru has used facilities since last autumn.
On Saturday, February 4, CMP will be performing system maintenance.
A new record was set on 19 January at Northern Harbour in Copenhagen. A total of five container ships arrived at the quay all on the same day. These were Maersk Benelux's Wes Carina, MSC's Hanna, Scan Group's Nor Feeder, CMA CGM's Anna G, and Unifeeder's Aurora.

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