News 2010

Cementa’s new landmark in Malmö will shine blue at the top.
The relocation of UNICEF's international stores is just part of a major development at the Port of Copenhagen, as part of which the United Nations' activities in Denmark are to be collected beneath one roof .
Copenhagen, all decorated for Christmas, will be receiving cruise-ship passengers again in December this year.
Sales of company cars are building up again after the crisis, and due to Danish tax rules, the end of the year is the busiest period.
A fire broke out on Wednesday morning in the inner landfill section of the Frihamnen port in Malmö.
The first vessel berthed at the new RoRo terminal in Northern Harbour at the end of October. However, this was not a vessel on a commercial run but one transporting the steel ramps for the ferry berths at the terminal in Malmö.
The 2010 cruise-ship season has proven highly successful for Copenhagen Malmö Port. A total of 309 cruise ships docked in Copenhagen and Malmö, with a total of 662,000 passengers and 197,000 crew.
Shipping company MSC’s weekly feeder service between Antwerp and CMP has been upgraded, with the MSC Patricia replacing the JRS Alster. This almost doubles the capacity, from 7,430 GRT to 13,650 GRT.
The giant new car carrier 'Höegh Copenhagen', belonging to Höegh Autoliners, arrived at Copenhagen on 17 September at 07.00, and its striking profile dominated the quay, making the feeder vessels alongside it suddenly look very small.
From rough work to more 'refined' work – that's how the situation in Northern Harbour can be summarised. The major, heavy ground work is on its way to being finished.
A brand new loading method is being employed at Swede Harbour in Malmö. Granulated sugar is being blown aboard a large vessel via long hoses – a procedure that takes nearly fourteen days.
Brian Kristensen has been appointed General Manager, Oil.
On 15 June, “Disney Magic” docked at Copenhagen Malmö Port for the very first time, with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Cinderella on board, as part of Disney Cruise Lines’ first ever Baltic cruise.
Scrap iron and metal is an expanding sector for CMP. Despite a drop in volume during 2009, the trend is now definitely on the up.
CMP is now investing in new environmental technology to increase safety in Malmö oil terminal. An automatic system for laying out oil booms is going to be installed after the summer.
At the Annual General Meeting on 28 April 2010, the following new Board members were elected to the Board of Copenhagen Malmö Port AB (CMP).
The week of international travel chaos caused by the Icelandic volcano meant that other transport companies experienced incredible demand from travellers who could not reach their destination by air.
For a time now, cars have been distributed directly from Malmö to Russia. The ability to offer direct transportation to the Russian market strengthens CMP’s position as the leading hub for car distribution in Scandinavia.
Copenhagen has been named "Port of the Year" by the cruise line Princess Cruises.
CMP will invest in a new container crane that is expected to improve productivity for the container business by 20-25 per cent.
As large parts of Europe remain paralysed by the cold, the road salt shortage has become acute. Increased demand has been accompanied by a dramatic price increase.
On Sunday, February 28, CMP will be performing system maintenance.
An approximately 1,100-meter long, new quay for cruise ships can now be constructed following a decision by Copenhagen's city council last week. CMP will now be able to further develop services for the rapidly growing cruise ship traffic. The new quay will be ready by the beginning of the 2013 season.
The Swedish-Danish venture Copenhagen Malmö Port AB (CMP) is the largest port operator in the Öresund Region.
On 15 January 2010, the third largest container company in the world, CMA CMG, put in at the quay in Copenhagen for the first time with the container ship “Electron”.
Trees that decontaminate pollutants from the soil, thereby improving the environment. That may sound a little like science fiction, but it is the truth. At the furthest point of Oljehamnen [the Oil Port] in Malmö, the trees also add some greenery to an otherwise bleak environment.

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