Three new terminals

Last updated 1/2/2014 8:42 AM
Major expansions of three new terminals in Malmö secure fast, efficient transfers of goods between ships, trains and trucks.

On May 8, 2009, the Mayor of Malmö broke ground for a new major port facility for Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) in Norra Hamnen. The SEK 900 million project includes three new terminals and will completely transform the port in Malmö. In spring 2011 the RoRo- and the Combi terminal was taken into use shotly after the Container terminal had first call. Official opening took place in September.

The intention was to create ideal conditions for the transfer of goods between the different forms of transport: ships, trucks and trains. The joint project involves the City of Malmö, which owns the land, and CMP, which operates the port.

The new facility was completed according to time schedulle in first quarter of 2011. The turnkey contractor, Skanska Sweden, employed on average 100 people on the project.

CMP covers approximately 430,000 m2 in Norra Hamnen - roughly the size of 50 football pitches. The City of Malmö is also to build a ¾ million m2 area for transport and distribution companies, providing them with direct access to the various terminals. It is hoped that transport and logistics companies will set up there in 2012-15.

The new facility have a number of environmental benefits. Trucks heading to and from the ferry terminal do not have to approach the city centre. The new combi-terminal move more freight to the railway, and the target is for min. 20% of the freight to and from Norra Hamnen to be transported by rail within the next few years.

Relocation of the container terminal to Norra Hamnen freed up 140,000 m2 in Frihamnen for use by companies that distribute new cars in the Baltic Sea Region and need space for loading and unloading. The project also made the ferry berths in Nyhamnen available for cruise ships, giving Malmö capacity for four cruise ships.


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