New cruise-ship quay

Last updated 6/4/2014 2:49 PM

Copenhagen have a new cruise-ship quay for turnarounds. The new cruise-ship quay was built in order to maintain and develop Copenhagen's position as the leading cruise-ship port in Northern Europe.

The new quay is mainly be used for turnaround ships that change passengers and crew in Copenhagen. Typically, these ships dock overnight and take on board water, provisions, etc. Copenhagen is by far the most popular starting point for Baltic Sea cruises, receiving over 60% of all turnarounds in the region.

More than 300 cruise ships visit Copenhagen every year, carrying a total of almost 700,000 passengers. The new quay is expected to service approximately 60% of these passengers.

The 1,100 metres long quay is right on the Øresund coast line. The southernmost part of the quay was built on the existing coastline, while the remainder required landfill. The total investment
was approximately SEK 500 million.

Work has already begun on the design and organisation of the new quay. The fairway to the port has been mooved to make room for the expansion.

This is a joint project involving CMP and the owners of the port, CPH City & Port Development. As the plan requires major landfill and official approval. Construction work started in 2010, after which the quay will be taken into use for cruise-ships.

The quay was inagurated by H.M. Queen Margrethe II on May 2nd 2014

Pictures show construction flow from the original idea until the first day with 3 simutaneus calls.


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