More space for bulk

Last updated 6/4/2020 11:19 AM
In 2011, the bulk area at Prøvestenen was extended by 18 hectares and 650 metres of quay. CMP's new areas at Prøvestenen had first call in February 2012. The new facilities will be leased by companies that process dry bulk on the quayside.

There has already been great interest in the new areas, and CMP expects all of them to be subject to leasing once the roads and other infrastructure are in place.

The 5–10 companies that set up here will be a combination of existing companies from Prøvestenen who wish to expand, and other companies who currently operate elsewhere in Copenhagen or the Øresund Region.

CMP is investing SEK 130 million in the new areas, which have been created from landfill over the last decade. The landfill has been carried out by a joint company set up specifically for the purpose by CPH City & Port Development and the City of Copenhagen.


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