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CMP gives priority to safety, health and environment to obtain durable and sustainable development.

CMP endeavours to:

  • Achieve a safe working environment which gives priority to employee health
  • Maintain good contact with authorities in order to observe relevant legislation
  • Focus on avoiding accidents and reducing negative environmental impact
  • Maintain openness and communication with employees, neighbours, customers, media and other stakeholders
  • Achieve and maintain a good environment when performing our services
  • Encourage our suppliers to give priority to safety, health and environment
  • Cooperate and influence our customers in an ongoing effort to improve the environment
CMP has adopted the following environmental goals:
  • Reduction of fuel gases and particles from machinery handling cargo
  • Reduction of diesel consumption per handled cargo tonnes
  • Continuous reduction of discharge of oil products from machinery and other equipment to water and soil
  • Reduction of effect on the environment from bulk products when loading and unloading

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