CMP Integrated Business Policy

Last updated 5/11/2020 3:35 PM

Through good business acumen, cooperation and innovation, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB continuously prioritises and improves its operations in order to achieve the highest possible quality of delivered services and lasting sustainable development in a healthy environment for our employees and our surroundings. 

Through our sustainability work, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB contributes to the UN's global goals AGENDA 2030.

In our business, which is the link between sea and land, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB endeavours:

- to have a development that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable and that does not      hinder the opportunities of the next generation

- through continuous improvements, employees who care about both high quality and minimal impact on local and global resources, effective routines and good profitability for both customers and our own  company, to recommend and perform delivery of services of a quality that satisfies the customers’  requirements and needs. 

- to meet the requirements imposed on us in laws and regulations, as well as those made by customers and other stakeholders in our operations. 

- in our operations, as far as we can, to prevent pollution and, by means of influence and training, to try to get our customers to choose services and functions that make less of an impact on the environment. 

- through collaboration with suppliers, contractors and customers, to set high quality and sustainability requirements for materials and processes, as well as for health and safety, so that together we can work towards long-term sustainable development for the companies, their employees, the local area and globally. 

- to take good care of our employees by ensuring as far as possible that no one is injured in their work or suffers an occupational illness and to ensure that our employees have a healthy workload and are not  subjected to harmful stress or the like.

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