CMP Integrated Business Policy

Last updated 7/16/2018 10:34 AM

This policy and thus our management system, covers all port management and leadership as well as all customer-related freight handling, stowage and terminal work in the areas of Copenhagen Malmö Port AB (CMP) responsible for Malmö and Copenhagen, incl. the activities of the subsidiary Norra Hamnen AB. In addition, the policy includes administrative and technical infrastructure for these parts of the business.

CMP has chosen to exclude the quality standard section: 8.3 Construction and development of products and services, because the company does not carry out construction activities in the standard sense. The company’s development of services and the production of new services falls under section 8.5 of the Quality standard.

Our business policy is based on our strategic direction, that describes how we will achieve our manifesto of becoming "The Good Business Crew."

The cornerstones of the strategic focus are:

1)      Adapted organisation

2)      Commercial Excellence

3)      Innovation and collaboration

4)      Leadership and culture

and it is based on CMP's values: Respect, Ambition and Community.

With the motto “Good Business Crew”, CMP wants to ensure satisfied and loyal customers and long-term profitable results – of course, for each business area (AO). This requires customer knowledge, curiosity, new services and new business models.

Copenhagen Malmö Port AB's overall quality goal is to continuously improve CMP's operations, to ensure that customers are satisfied with the services we perform and that the customer always comes first. This applies to both external and internal customers.

At the same time, we are creating competitive conditions for our customers by working from a holistic perspective. We achieve this by balancing economic, social and environmental aspects. For the environment, our approach focuses on air, soil and water quality, noise, climate change, as well as the circulation of energy and waste in all our activities.

We believe that through quality and environmental work, which includes the following items, we may create the conditions necessary to help both satisfied customers and sustainable development. Therefore, we will maintain a management system that serves as a framework for achieving these goals.

We shall:

  • Manage customers’ goods and provide services in such a manner that the customers’ needs and expectations are satisfied.
  • Be at the forefront of new technologies and digital solutions, which optimise and streamline our processes and services through close collaboration with our customers, as well as current and future partners. "Best Available Technology" (BAT) is obvious.
  • Collaborate with colleagues throughout the organisation, in order to share our knowledge and to work together in constantly improving our processes for faster decisions, as well as making easier and faster adjustments to changes in the surrounding world and to customer expectations.
  • Understand how our core partners' (important stakeholders) impact or potential impact on the business affect our ability to meet customer requirements and other applicable constitutional requirements and thus handle this within our strategic work.
  • Set departmental and individual objectives according to SMART criteria, that are in line with CMP's strategic MS progress objectives. The objectives will be continuously monitored in order to prioritise our efforts, work systematically and to achieve continuous improvement.
  • Maintain good communication and open contact with authorities, in order to create trust and ensure compliance with the applicable legislation.
  • Ensure important competencies and customise the organisation according to customers’ needs and changes in the surrounding world.
  • Allow staff to develop skills so that they can better perform their tasks and be able to keep up with the development of new technologies and working methods, which better meet our customers' needs and expectations.
  • Manage customer opinions, customer complaints, quality and environmental deviations, risks, opportunities and improvement proposals, as well as evaluate the impact of actions in order to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Contribute to creating constructive social development, as we are an important player in society.
  • Work on standards to clarify our quality and environmental work, as well as create trust internally as well as externally.

Specifically within environmental work we shall:

  • Take responsibility for environmental issues and be aware of the environmental impact of our actions. To achieve this, continuous efforts are required, with regard to education and skills development.
  • Work actively to find solutions with the greatest environmental benefits.
  • Continuously analyse our processes and identify significant environmental impacts as we set our strategic goals (MS Progress goals), as well as environmental initiatives in order to achieve the continuous improvement of environmental performance.
  • In the first instance, we shall work with preventive measures in an effort to prevent noise, pollution of water, air, soil and sediment, as well as waste that arises from our activity. Secondly, work with solutions that minimise environmental impact, for example through the reuse or recycling of waste. We shall strive to reduce electricity consumption and increase the use of renewable energy. We shall strive to become CO2 neutral and be aware that it is possible for us to have both a local and a global environmental impact.
  • Collaborate with our customers and tenants, in order to further develop the way in which we work towards reduced environmental impact.
  • Consider environmental impact throughout the entire service life cycle. We achieve this by communicating clearly with our suppliers, partners and customers, as well as setting environmental requirements for the supply chain, construction work, transportation to and from CMP, the development of new and current services and the management of services after delivery.
  • Actively participate in industry networks and other associations, in order to create meaningful partnerships with exchange of experiences and knowledge transfer, and also to engage in pressing issues in a national and/or international context.

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