Malmo Industrial Park

Last updated 1/2/2018 8:13 AM

Norra Hamnen AB is an active Operating Port. Within the Port Area, the activities can grow and there is room for expanding the different terminals.

 The Container- & RoRo terminals can be expanded with more terminal area. More than 200.000 m2 is ready for this. The ground is prepared only the surface need being completed.

 The Combi area design is for four rail tracks. Today the two first of these is operating.

 Outside the terminal more than 1 million m2 is under reclaim. See picture for status.  The infrastructure is under construction. See link for more info regarding the Malmö Industrial Park. One thing is clear – the companies setting up at Malmö Industrial Park has the obligation to use the Norra Hamnen port facilities in their distribution. As The Malmö Industrial Park develops the Norra Hamnen activities will benefit.

The Infrastructure is under Construction, se Pictures from August 2016 click here

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