Dry Bulk

Large dry bulk terminals in Sweden and Denmark 

CMP has the largest dry bulk terminals in Western Sweden and Eastern Denmark. Import and export of bulk products are mainly oriented towards the regional market, but some products are also handled for transit. Our market position is based on:

  • Central location in the Øresund Region with almost four million consumers
  • Good possibilities to handle bulk for transit
  • Quays, terminals and available storage areas
  • Easy access by road or rail to hinterland
  • Modern facilities with water depth for large bulk carriers
  • Investments in the new infrastructure and equipment
  • Close co-operation with partners and sub-suppliers
  • Well-trained and committed staff

Each terminal in Copenhagen and Malmö has its own profile and specialization. 

Swede Harbour (Malmö)

  • Water depth 13.5 m
  • Capable of handling fully loaded panamax ships
  • Quay length 200 m
  • Equipped with two 120 tons mobile cranes, one Multidocker CH65 material handler, one 1 Fuchs 350 material handler and front loaders
  • 100,000 m2 terminal area
  • 16,000 m2 roofed storage

In Swede Harbour, imported dry bulk include asphalt and road and industrial salt. The export side mostly consists of scrap, which is sent to the USA, Malaysia and India. 

Södra bulkhamnen (Malmö)

  • Water depth - six meters
  • Quay length 330 meters
  • Served by one Multidocker CH 65 material handler and front loaders

Sand from Denmark is landed in Södra bulkhamnen, and scrap, old tyres and waste glass shipped out.

Prøvestenen (Copenhagen)

  • 400.000 m2
  • Five (5) quay
  • Quay length up 400 meters


Prøvestenen is a logistically ideal location for handling bulk for customers in the Greater Copenhagen and Sealand regions. The dry-bulk area processes various kinds of products such as stone, sand, gravel, cement, soil and scrap as the major products being handled.

Prøvestenen with its location in Oresund is an ideal location as a getaway for the Baltic Sea.

On June 2015 Prøvestenen was extended with two new quays of with a total of  650 meters quay length and a storage area of 180.000 m2. Thereby bringing the total number up to five quays. 

Amagerværket (Copenhagen)

  • Five Quays 480 m

Margretheholmen (Copenhagen)

  • One quay 140 m

Nordhavnen (Copenhagen)

  • Smaller vessels docks

In Copenhagen the water depth is between 5.4 meters to 12.0 meters


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