Visby Cruise Terminal

New cruise quay and terminal will grow Visby's cruise tourism

The number of cruise passengers will multiply and enable tourism throughout Gotland to grow even more. There are major expectations for the new cruise terminal in Visby. It will be inaugurated in spring 2018 and will enable CMP to market three different destinations in the future.

Work got underway on the new cruise terminal in winter 2016. Since then there has been intense activity – both on the actual construction project and in preparing Visby and the rest of Gotland for the forthcoming cruise tourism.

"The cruise traffic is expected to increase international tourism on Gotland", says Stefan Persson, Enterprise Manager for Region Gotland. “We have previously received about 50,000 cruise passengers per season. We are expecting the new terminal to increase that number to 150,000 within ten years.”

He emphasises that the cruise traffic will also contribute to the growth of other tourism on Gotland. For experience shows that 10 - 20% of passengers subsequently return to a cruise destination as ”ordinary” tourists.

The medieval city of Visby also opens up new opportunities for CMP. From the start of 2018, three destinations will be marketed to shipping companies and other collaborative partners – Copenhagen, Malmö and Visby.

"It concerns location, location, location – in other words, that Visby has an attractive geographic position and is located at the right distance to suit cruise tourism in the Baltic", says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO, Cruise & Ferries within CMP. "Today many cruise ships already call at Gotland and the capacity development that us currently underway will produce entirely new opportunities for us."

He also reports that CMP has already scheduled at least 60 arrivals with 70,000 passengers for the 2018 season. Together with partners including Region Gotland and local companies, CMP has formed a network, which is now working to create the best possible conditions for cruise tourism on the island.

Construction of the cruise quay has been underway since early 2016. It has involved dredging work, landfill and construction of the quay's new land area of about 12,000 square metres, foundations and location of concrete foundation for footbridge and quay etc.

"We have dredged about 130,000 cubic metres to reach the right depth of water of 11 metres", reports Harald Gröttvik, project manager for the cruise quay. 80,000 tonnes of granite is also being put in place to form a breakwater around the land area of the quay.

Two large cruise ships can dock simultaneously at the new cruise quay. The actual jetty is 360 metres long and there will be room for up to 30 buses inside the quay area. A terminal building is also being built within the land area, with facilities including tourist information and toilets, space for customs and border police, as well as for service staff and crews.

"The environmental issues are also important in this project", Harald Gröttvik emphasises. Facilities to handle the ships' waste water are therefore being built within the land area. This water is then conveyed onward to the sewage works in Visby.

The first cruise ship will arrive at the new terminal in April 2018.

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