Public Transport Copenhagen

Last updated 3/6/2017 12:44 PM

To get to and from your Cruise Terminal you can order a Taxi but public transport is also available.

We have included tree pdf:

  1. The one at top is of the Greater Copenhagen area including the tree Cruise Terminal locations.
  2. The one in middle is City center, with all the attractions. Including only the Down Town Cruise Terminal at Nordre Toldbod.
  3. The third include both 1 and 2

 #1 has the overview always needed when travelling. Where is the terminal located? and how to get to City Center? or where is the International Airport?

#2 is convenient when planning what to see  in Copenhagen and how to get there.

 Please also note that Hop On/Hop Off busses are also available, they are not included in the public transport cards available at the "Public Transport Copenhagen" site of our homepage.

 For prices etc. Please refer to Movia homepage, sorry its in Danish only - click here

 Or Visit Copenhagen, English - click here


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