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CMP has quays for cruise ships at central locations in both Copenhagen and Malmö.


•                          Water depth upto 10,5 m depending on quay-location

•                          LOA, beam and air draft – no limitation

•                          Tug, non-compulsory

•                          CMP will recommend Cruise vessels with a draft more than 6 meters to use pilot

•                          Capacity – quays; Nordre Toldbod: 225m, Langelinie: 710m, Orientkaj: 525m, Levantkaj: 400m and Ocean Quay 1.100m

 Nordre Toldbod  (quay 177)
Approximately 225m of quay with a water depth of 7.4m.

 Langelinie (quay 190)
Approximately 710m of quay. There is space for from two to four ships, depending on their length and draught. The water depth at the southern end is 9.1m. The northernmost 345m of quay (from bollard no. 32 and northwards) has a water depth of 10m.


Levantkaj (quay 266) Approximately 400m of quay with a water depth of 9,5m.

Ocean Quay (quay 330/334)

Oceankaj approximately 1.100m of quay, with state-of-the-art terminals. The water depth over all is 10,5m.


•                          Water depth, upto 9.1m (draft 8.6) depending on quay-location

•                          LOA, max 240 m

•                          Beam, max 32,5 m

•                          Air draft, no limitation

•                          Tug, on pilot’s request

•                          Pilotage, compulsory for ships exceeding 90 m LOA

•                          Capacity – quays; Frihamns kajen: 500 m, Västra hamnen: 150 m

Frihamnen (quay 602)
Frihamns Kajen approximately 500m of quay – However max LOA 240m. Water depth of 9,1m. Beam max. 32,5m.

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