The biggest container terminal in the Øresund Region 

CMP is an important link in the container transport chain. CMP operates container terminals in Copenhagen and Malmö. Both terminals are situated in the heart of the Øresund Region. Containers travel via intercontinental routes to ports like Hamburg, Rotterdam and Bremerhaven, from where they are transferred to smaller feeder ships and sail to CMP. From here, ongoing distribution chains deliver their contents to customers. CMP’s market position is based on:

  • Gantry cranes and equipment according to the latest development in container handling
  • Easy access located next to port entrance
  • Large areas for future expansion
  • Fast operations with a high average productivity
  • Professional and reliable staff

The containers that arrive at CMP mostly contain imported consumer goods destined for the affluent Øresund region, and have long since replaced the wooden boxes and sacks of the past. An effective chain of shipping routes, modern port terminals and distribution by truck or train delivers imported goods to our shops and homes with all the speed and accuracy that we have come to expect.

Copenhagen container terminal

  • Water depth 10.0 m
  • Beam, LOA, air draft - no limitations
  • Three gantry cranes; 50 tons, 43 under frame
  • 12 straddle carriers, 45 tons
  • 11 container trucks
  • 10 terminal tractors
  • Four container movers

In Copenhagen, a new access road to the motorway network will be ready in 2017. This will significantly improve truck traffic to and from the port. The strategic plan is to move the container terminal to a new site in 2020 – near the present location.

Malmö container terminal

  • Water depth 9.2 m
  • LOA max 240 m. Beam and air draft - no limitations
  • One gantry crane, 45 tons
  • Mobile container crane
  • Four container trucks
  • 15 terminal tractors
  • Combi terminal situated near container and ro-ro terminals, connected with rail tracks, 2 x 350 m and 1 x 170 m
In Malmö container processing is concentrated to Norra hamnen, thereby enable close interaction between ships, trucks and rail.

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