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Since it was formed, CMP has striven to have up-to-date facilities in order to perform with excellence. The result has been intensive investments.

In collaboration with the Danish and Swedish port owners, CMP has initiated significant investments since 2001. At present three major investments in new terminal facilities are taking place, which amounts to more than SEK 1.5 billion. The investments will ensure facilities for operational activities in the next 40-50 years.
CMP pays rent based on the level of investment in quays, magazines, fairways, etc., while CMP itself invests in loading and unloading equipment such as cranes and straddle carriers

Major ongoing and planned investments

Bulk areas, Copenhagen
650 metres of quays and 18 hectares for bulk.
Construction completed: 2011.
Investment: SEK 130 million.

Norra Hamnen, Malmö
New ro-ro facilities, new container terminal and a combi-terminal.
Construction completed: 2011.
Investment: SEK 900 million.

Cruise-ship quay, Copenhagen
Fairway mooved February 2012 to give room for reclaim.
Quay wall constructed, terminal buildings under construction.
Investment: SEK 500 million.

Previous investments

The Car Terminal Nordic Hub, Malmö (2003)
Main terminal for Toyota distribution in the Nordic Region and the Baltic Sea Region.
Investment: SEK 220 million.

The DFDS Terminal, Copenhagen (2004)
The terminal is used by the routes to Oslo and Klaipeda.
Investment: SEK 420 million.

Cement plant, Copenhagen (2006)
Distribution unit for Aalborg Portland.
Investment: SEK 110 million.

Other major investments

Facilities for the autologistics companies SkandiaTransport,
Copenhagen (2005), and Nordisk Motortransport, Malmö (2005)
new head office for CMP, Copenhagen (2005)
bitumen depot for Nynäs, Malmö (2007)
and widening of the fairway to the Malmö oil terminal (2007).
Total investments: approximately SEK 200 million.



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