International Cooperation

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CMP is inspired to further develop port services and operations by taking part in international networks.

Since 2001, CMP is a member of several international port and port operator associations in order to develop the global logistics chain and to optimize efficiency, marketing, and environmentally sound shipping and port solutions.

GSC (General Stevedoring Council)
GSC is a globally organized networking group for port operators and stevedoring companies. GSC provides education for members’ employees.
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ESPO (European Seaports Organisation)
Membership through Swedish Ports and Danish Ports ESPO is the interest group for port authorities/port owners. ESPO is in dialoque with the EU-Commission and EU-Parliament on behalf of the European ports.
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FEPORT (Federation of European Private Port Operators)
Membership through Swedish Ports and Danske Havnevirksomheder. Feport represent the interests of the maritime terminal operators and stevedoring companies at European level.
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BPO (Baltic Ports Organization)
BPO is a networking organization for Baltic Sea ports and port operators.
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ECOPorts Foundation
The purpose of the EcoPorts Foundation is to create a level playing field in Europe in port-related sustainable management issues and to stimulate pro-active behaviour regarding sustainable management within the wider port area and logistics chain.
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Cruise Europe
The objective is to work co-operatively to market Northern and Western Europe in order to attract more cruise vessels to the ports in our region of the world.
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Cruise Baltic
The countries of the Baltic Sea Region have joined forces in order to develop operations and cooperation between ports and cities.
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Öresund Logistics
Øresund Logistics is a network organization for Danish and Swedish operators within logistics. The core mission is to advance logistics and supply chain management in the Øresund region and strive to utilize the synergies that lie within the region.
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EMUC (Maritime Development Centre of Europe)
EMUC aims to create growth in the maritime sector through collaboration within the maritime sector companies.
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NoMEPorts (Noise Management in European Ports)
The main objective of NoMePorts is reduction of noise-related annoyance and health problems of people living near ports.
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PIANC is the global organisation providing guidance for sustainable waterborne transport infrastructure for ports and waterways.
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IHMA (International Harbour Master Association)
IHMA is the global association for harbour masters. The association is an interest group and networking organisation.
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