Our Mission

Last updated 5/24/2018 9:46 AM

We connect sea with shore and create growth and prosperity for all

CMP sells port, terminal and transport solutions. The business concept emphasises that we offer solutions, in other words, services and logistics that improve and facilitate operations for customers and collaborative partners so that they can manage their shipments in a simpler, more efficient and competitive way.

At the same time, offering solutions entails helping customers to meet new challenges in the transport market, but also that we are fast and skilful at resolving everyday problems in our logistics management. To achieve this we are innovative, enterprising and good at adapting our services to different needs.

Moreover, our focus on solutions is the key to our commercial success. Our correctly formulated offers ensure that land and premises give us a rental income, that the quays provide port revenues and that all other handling also produces revenues.

Our business concept also includes the fact that CMP’s work makes a difference for our industry and gets the wheels of society rolling. We are associated with innovation and good business acumen and are a link in the transport chain that is developing the modern Sweden and Denmark.

The mission describes concisely and concretely the justification for our existence and what purpose CMP has. It is crucial that the mission is clear for all employees to ensure implementation of the ambitious business and development goals that CMP has set.

Clear values
Alongside the mission, we know that CMP’s culture is also driven by the employees and a good working atmosphere, where everybody feels at home and can support our values. Our values are therefore simple to remember and relate to, at the same time as they highlight the essence in CMP’s operations and culture. These values are based on three concepts: Respect, Ambition and Community.

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