Company History

Last updated 11/23/2012 1:46 PM
Commercial focus and combined efforts has been the recipe for CMP’s success.

The history of CMP is a story about a unique cross-border alliance. For the first time in history, two ports in two different countries have joined all their port operations into one company, one organisation and one legal entity. CMP was founded 2001, following the merger of port and terminal activities in Copenhagen and Malmö.

The merger was a consequence of discussions in 1997 on the opening of the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö. The bridge meant an end to traditional border traffic and an immediate decrease in the two ports’ cargo turnover and passenger traffic.

But at the same time the Øresund Bridge opened new important possibilities for transport and logistics. From the summer of 2000 the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian markets could be reached by one call. A combination ship/train/lorry greatly simplifies Nordic distribution and saves time and money. The Øresund Region consists of almost four million consumers and the Baltic Sea Region of 100 million consumers.

Since 2001, CMP has increased net sales by 70%. Annual profit has multiplied many times over, while staff numbers have only grown by 8%. But the economical climate changed in 2008 and CMP faces a new economic situation.

Major investments have been the Nordic Hub car terminal (2003) in Malmö and the DFDS Terminal in Copenhagen (2004). In the near future major investments will include establishing new ro-ro facilities and a new container terminal in Malmö and building new quays for cruise ships in Copenhagen.

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