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CMP is the leading northern European cruise ship port and is the ideal home port for cruises in the Baltic Sea and along the western coastline of Norway. 

Copenhagen is the HUB for the cruise industry in the region. About 45% of all calls are turnaround calls. The positive conditions for companies and customers have led to Copenhagen being named "Europe's Leading Cruise Destination" at the World Travel Awards five times since 2004. In 2005, Copenhagen was also named "World's Leading Cruise Destination". CMP receives cruise ships in Copenhagen and Malmö and has a market position based on:

  • Short distance to Copenhagen Airport
  • Interesting sights and attractions
  • Copenhagen and Malmö are well organized and safe cities
  • Established home port in the Baltic Sea Region The twin ports are located opposite each other about 26 km apart and connected via a toll bridge - the Øresund Bridge. Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) is located near the Bridge on the Danish side.

849 000 passengers and 260 000 crew members from more than 140 countries visited Copenhagen between April and December during 2017. In total Copenhagen had 325 calls 152 whereof 152 turnarounds.

In 2018 there will be 441 calls on 74 different ocean cruise vessels from 37 international shipping companies visiting Copenhagen Malmö Port. Number of passengers is increasing to appr. 960 000 in 2018 including Copenhagen, Malmö & Visby. The prospect for 2019 also looks very promising. The port has already received more than 400 booking for calls.

In 2014 a new Cruise facility in Copenhagen was inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. This expansion of the port has taken in place not only to meet future demands but also to develop the facilities even further. The pier allow space for three large cruise ships along a 1,100 metre long and 70 metres wide dedicated cruise quay. There are three terminal buildings, each of 3,300 sqm with green roofs. Each terminal building have 1,800 sqm for passenger handling and 1,500 sqm for luggage handling. 


  • Own working force of more than 100 terminal workers
  • The terminal workers wear uniforms and have ID cards. They are specially trained for luggage handling and speak English.
  • All equipment required for Transit and T/A calls: Mobile luggage units, conveyor belts, forklifts, x-ray and screening of guests and luggage.
  • Inside the dedicated Cruise Terminal facilities: Check-in Counters, restrooms, internet service and luggage handling.
  • Fresh Water supply from quay outlets or water barge
Security & Environment
  • All terminals are fenced and comply with ISPS requirements
  • Watchman service provided
  • Slop, sludge and garbage handling according to MARPOL regulations

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